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We develop offline measuring systems for the wire and cable industry


ACM Measuring Technology AB manufactures and provides service to the offline cable measuring machines KSM and DSM.

We have installations on all continents execpt for the Arctics.

Our office is located in Järfälla, just outside Stockholm Sweden and You are always welcome to contact us.

In addition, we have a training center for ACMMT customers at Solö, just outside of Norrtälje and it is a calm, focused environment, perfectly suited for training.

MT for Measuring Technology

ACMMT is worldwide in supplying a proprietary measurement system based on imaging technology.

The product name is KSM and it is designed for offline measurement of cables, pipes and profiles. There are presently over 270 units in operation, worldwide.

We also supply a unit for measuring holes and diameters found on for example extruder tools and drawing dies, this model is called DSM.


ACM AB supplies Nordic and Estonian manufacturers of cable, tube and wire with production equipment and accessories. Within these areas we work as a complete supplier through the companies we represent.


KSM is a cable measuring machine for offline measurements of cable slices, tubes and profiles.

ACMMT has over 30 years experinence in measuring cables and there are presently over 270 units in operation, worldwide.

The KSM replaces manual profile projectors and measuring microscopes and it gives far better repeated accuracy.

The KSM system is very fast. The latest imaging technology is used and the measurement results are performed and presented within seconds.

KSM has an intuitive menu adapted for the Cable Industry. In this menu you can enter the cable type, article number, order number and other needed parameters. There are also numerous extra fields for additional information.

The KSM system quickly performs an extreme amount of 2- dimensional measurements and finally all measurements, including averages as well as concentricity and ovality, are presented in a report/protocol.

The area of insulation and the over- dimension are also measured, which provides a very solid base for minimizing material costs.

The KSM software is flexible and one efficient method is to work with KSM Remote. This enables the KSM to work directly with customer databases and/or ERP systems. In remote mode, the use of barcodes increase the efficiency even more.


ACMMT also manufactures a machine for measuring holes and diameters found on fex extruder tooling and drawing dies.

This model is called DSM

It shares platform with KSM and it is equally fast to measure.

DSM measures in the same manner as the cable measuring unit KSM and typical diameters range from 0.1 to 30 mm

The measurement precision is in the submicron range and the standard version gives min/max diameters, ovality and area.

This data is a perfect base for determining when a tool should be replaced.

As the DSM shares platform with KSM it can also be remotely accessed and connected to other systems in a factory or lab.

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Email: service(at)acmmt.com

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Email: stefan(at)acmmt.com

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Representatives selling KSM and DSM


Company: Alois Zotti, Vienna

Email: az(at)zotti.at

Phone: +431 587 62 94

Great Britain, Ireland

Company: WireCab Machinery, Southport

Email: lee(at)wirecab.co.uk

Phone: +44 170 457 96 33

US, Canada & Mexico

Company: Howar Eqipment, Toronto

Email: sales(at)howarequipment.com

Phone: +1 905 669 40 10


Company: Guangzhou Weier Precise Instrument Company              

Email: 13922335276(at)163.com

Phone: +86 20 3738 8346

South Africa

Company: Macotech, Benrose

Email: macotech(at)macotech.co.za

Phone: +271 161 823 90